My name is Erica Eisele and i grew up in Long Island, New York. Being fortunate enough to live an hour from the greatest city in the world and 15 minutes from the beach has been amazing, i love long island but i also love upstate New York and am in a constant state of wanderlust.

I attended SUNY Cortland and received my BA in Psychology. Currently i am attending Adelphi University for my Masters in Social Work. 

I have always been a photographer, whether I was aware of it or not. From my small pink point and shoot camera, to my DSLR I have never stopped snapping. For the past 2 years I have been focusing solely on landscape photography. If it’s 7:00pm and I am not at a beach getting my sunset pictures, there’s something wrong. I just happen to be surrounded by beauty, and I shoot. Recently, I have a yearning to expand my skills. I have been entering the field of portrait photography. I realized my love for capturing a person in their natural state. Those candid photos, the moment right before the person is going to look at you and demand you delete the picture are my favorite. I also hope to include my professional work as a social worker with photography. Not only do people have a story to tell with their photos, but the photo subjects have a world of experience in just their eyes and expressions alone.